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A Divine International Reform-ation...or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Buffet: Part I

This will be the first entry in a series of posts chronicling my adventures in instrument-land during my six-week long trip to Japan, where we wrapped up the 2012-2013 international tour of the Broadway show “Dreamgirls”. Tokyo has some of the most intensely well-stocked music stores on the planet, and I made as many trips to as many of them as I could get away with without seeming completely insane. While I tried more flutes than anything (by quite a large margin), I also got in quite a few clarinets, oboes, English horns, and even a bassoon or two. This particular series of posts will focus on the clarinets, and in particular, three of the finest clarinets I've ever had the privilege of putting my fingers on...the new Buffet Divine, the Peter Eaton “International”, and the Wurlitzer Reform-Boehm model 187. (See what I did there?)
I will probably do a follow-up post addressing the other clarinets I got to hang out with while I was there. :)
To write this in the spirit of honesty,…