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#NFA2015: A Convention Virgin's View

I have no idea why it never happened until last weekend...I mean, I really, really love flutes. A lot. I've been to tons of regional flute fairs, and conventions for nearly every other instrument I play that HAS a convention. (Ask me about the year that I thought I could pull off Schnittke at the American Viola Society Festival...I still have nightmares.) Last summer, I went to both the International Clarinet Association convention AND the International Double Reed Society convention in the same week! 

I have never been to the National Flute Association convention...until now. 
In a hilariously ironic twist of fate, two years ago, the convention was held in New Orleans. Where I, you know, LIVED at the time. I literally could have *walked* from my living room to the hotel in 10 minutes. I didn't go. 
I was performing in Tokyo.  #facepalm (Not that that's exactly a terrible reason...)
So when my dear, lovely friend Betsy Winslow Trimber, proprietrix of the esteemed Fl…

The New Trevor James Double-Headed Flute Outfit: Two Heads Really ARE Better Than One!

In my last series of blog posts, we discussed the wide, wonderful world of wood flutes, and how much I adore them. I had planned my next post to be about wooden headjoints, which have become very popular lately as an addition to the sonic arsenal of flutists who want to find a way to extend the color palette of their metal flute bodies beyond various high-purity silver alloys, golds, and platinum.

I was planning out the layout of that next post when I received a series of wonderful messages from Jean-Paul Wright, the Marketing Director of Worldwind Music, the parent company of Trevor James Flutes; and Cathy Miller, Vice President of Miyazawa and Sankyo flutes, who also oversees US distribution of Trevor James, asking me if I would like to give their newest product a whirl, and of course who could refuse?!

Back in January, TJ unveiled a new wooden headjoint at NAMM in Anaheim. A wooden lipplate and riser has been an option on their silver headjoints for a few years now, which are beaut…

Wooden't It Be Lover-ly: The Omnibus Edition!

In the event that there are those of you who WOULD prefer to have it all in one go instead of 3 separate entries, here you are! :-) 

If you've read any of my past posts, watched many of my Youtube videos, or know me in real life, then you know that one of my greatest obsessions is the wooden Boehm flute. I love everything about wood flutes; the sound, the way they feel in the hands, the way they look, the gorgeous variety of woods that are used in their manufacture.  The topic of wood flutes has randomly popped up in conversation with several different people over the last week or two, and it has come clear to me that a great many people, even within the flute playing community, are laboring under the same general set of misconceptions about wooden flutes; primarily, that they are unsuitable for modern-day orchestral use and that nobody plays them. Many are unaware that they are even currently being produced!

This...well, this makes me sad. The modern Boehm flute crafted from wood…