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The new Ridenour Lyrique "Libertas": Life, Libertas, And The Pursuit of Perfect Intervals

So, in my line of work (playing in the pits of Broadway national and international tours) there are a LOT of things a fellow has to think about when deciding what gear to take on the road. Usually, these decisions end up in some sort of compromise that generally means I have to work a little bit harder, because I don't generally bring top-of-the-line stuff with me, because, well it's just stupid. (I learned this lesson the hard way on my first tour several years ago, when I brought my 14K gold flute out on the road with me and ended up having nearly two thousand dollars worth of dent removal and adjustment work done after the tour was over. Oops.) 

This is particularly true of wooden current gig requires me to have three clarinets, an Eb, a Bb, and a bass. In a previous entry, I've discussed the choice I made regarding my bass clarinet, which was the Ridenour Lyrique. Not much of a compromise there, actually, as it is every bit as in tune and beautiful-soun…